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the fact that there have been no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

Get on board and buckle up, because my ride’s gonna be a big one. And if you get motion sickness, put your head between your knees, because Leslie Knope’s stopping for no one.

Aubrey Plaza in Ned Rifle (Teaser 2014)


We need to talk about this 


We need to talk about this 

Allison Janney for Variety


Absolutely gutted for Aubrey Plaza, Jennifer Lawrence, and all the other women who had their private photos stolen, and to the other women on the list who are getting theirs shopped over the internet RIGHT NOW!! And anyone calling them Sluts for taking these photographs, needs to understand that someone illegally hacked their way in, and it’s their choice how to ‘share’ their bodies! Anyone looking at these pictures are almost as bad as the person who stole them!!


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